LAC/ No Hay is pleased to present a collaboration between Martin Jonsson Tibblin (composer and initiator of the project) and Lovisa Ivenholt.


Mirrors, shadow plays and moving objects change the room and disturb the equilibrium. The ethical issues surrounding "intelligent" machines have been an area of ​​discussion among artists since before artificial intelligence even existed. Modern man's intelligence and emotions determine what we "put in" and thus shape the intelligent machines of the future. The installation's sculptures are composed of selected objects and roots and are the result of a process and materialize the idea that the transfer of the human soul to the trees starts a metamorphosis.
(the object's title is "portrait of memories of Anxiety" ). We step into the gap between memory, fantasy and reality.


The exhibition participates in Contemporary Art Skaraborg on tour 2023, and is part of GIBCA EXTENDED #gibcaskaraborg #gibca2023

The exhibition is open 30.9 at 5-7 pm

And you can also go with Contemporary Art on tour. 30.9 The bus starts from Skövde 10.00 and return Skövde 20.30. Read more and book a place:


The trip is free! 

LAC/No Hay
Lugnet 1 Kållandsö
531 99 Lidköping
400 m from Läckö Slott






Duo exhibition together with Clara Gesang-Gottowt, Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany, June 3-25. With support from The Swedish Art Grants Committee and The Embassy of Sweden, Berlin


Groupshow Farbforscher/Färgforskarna, Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, June 30- July 30 Max Book,Lovisa ivenholt,viktor rosdal,Jenny Berg, Marcus Eek, Nicklas Randau,Marcus Matt, david Klasson, Per Teljer, gunnar frössen, Åsa larsson, Julia Selin, Clara Gesang-Gottowt, Filippa arrias, Jens Fröberg, Gittan Jönsson, Joakim Heidvall, tilpo - Hans Eriksson, ricard Larsson, Christian Simonsson, Charlotte Hellstadius, Anna-Lisa Unkuri, Andreas Ribbung, Thomas Henriksson, Maria Sivander


Grub together with Martin Jonsson Tibllin, LAC/ No Hay, Lidköping, Sweden, July 9 - August 13. And the 30th of September Gibca extended

Grub_the Performance. 9th of July and the 30th of September by Sara Törn, Martin Jonsson tibblin, Lovisa Ivenholt







Konstnärshusets medlemsutställning Så som i en spegel, Stockholm

Side by Side grupputställning Konstnärshuset Stockholm

Varning för Art 2  grupputställning 10 års jubileum Mellby RUM 44



Konstnärshuset medlemsutställning Eldhunden Stockholm

Skaraborgssalongen Tomrummet Vara

Hommage till Göran med Corinne Ericsson,  Britt-Marie Hansson, Kent Karlsson, Fredrik Vestergård Malmön Konstgård Bohusmalmön

 Colab Tension performance med Fanny Kivimäki, Axel Boberg Ragnerstam, Lovisa Ivenholt 3:e våningen  Göteborg

  "It's Just a Ride" Rum 44 Mellby Varning för Konst Gibca extended http://anettesgalleri44.blogspot.com/2015/01/rum-44-i-mellby.html

Lidköpings kulturstipendie 2021

Eldhska kulturpriset 2021 







Ljusdesign and Visuells "The Extended Clarinet" med David Huang och Magnus Holmander, Vara konserthus

Isolering | Kommunikation curerad av Muscot, Färgfabriken Stockholm 


Arv/ Faser/ Destination, Galleri KC-väst Göteborg

Gjuta, Måla, Väva med Andreas Eriksson, Martin Hanson. Lidköpings konsthall



Im the Dragon